Different Types of Sealing Machines

Packaging is required for almost every product manufactured at a manufacturing unit. There are several benefits of packaging and the major one is that it increases the shelf life of products. Packaging can be defined as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, logistics, warehousing, sale and end use. There are different types of machines used for packaging of products such as filling machines,  labeling machines, capping machines and others.

Do you know how juice bottles, mineral water bottles and other liquid products are sealed? It is done with the help of different types of packaging machines such as bottle sealing machines.

Seeling Machines1                             sealing-machines

Below are some major types of bottle sealing machines:

Induction Sealer – Induction sealer is used to apply foil cap liners over liquid products like beverages, pharmaceutical products such as syrups and others. The sealing of products is done in a way that it is almost impossible to tamper the products.

Shrink Sleeve Tunnel – These machines are used for sealing bottles and jars. These machines are designed in way that the finished product is fully smooth without any ripples. Shrink sleeve tunnel is used for packaging of products such as chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Portable Induction Sealing Systems – Portable induction sealing systems offer high performance and seal products at a faster pace.

Hand-Held Induction Sealing System – These machines are used in scientific laboratories and research departments. Hand-held induction sealing systems are first fixed onto a work table and after that made into use. These machines are compact and light in weight.

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