Three Common Mistakes that are Killing Packaging Sales

Investing in packaging machines is one of the major investments for manufacturers. What separates a successful packaging company from the one that struggles day in and day out to manage the different packaging jobs? Good quality packaging machines separate a good company from a bad one.


Below listed are some mistakes that manufacturers do and kill their own sales:
No Upkeep For Old Machinery

It is important for you to know the importance of maintenance of the machinery. The maintenance increases the life of the machinery, which is a good thing from a manufacturer’s point of view. However, it does not mean you are bound to use the old machinery because many times there is a need to replace the old machinery with the new one.

No Attention to Workplace Ergonomics

Taking care of workplace ergonomics is equally important and most of the manufacturers ignore this factor, which cuts down their profit margins. When you don’t evaluate workplace for ergonomics, indirectly it means you are not protecting your workers from potential injuries.

Don’t Take Benefit of New Technology

Some manufacturers are continuing with their old packaging machines for long even when they are aware of the new packaging machines that work faster and offer more productivity. Although buying new machines will cost you some money, but it will be beneficial in the long run.


What to Look For in the Packaging Machines?

This article is written to explain the important role of packaging machines. Also, find out what to look for in them before making a final decision.

You may find packing an easy task, especially when you have limited items to pack. However, what if you’ve a large stock of so many products to pack and that too in the last moment? This scenario would be a nightmare to many, but luckily, there are several types of packaging machines available that can get top notch results. A part of the credit goes to the technical advancements.

Although there is a wide availability of packaging machines that can help pack your items in the best way possible, yet this doesn’t make your job easy at all. Here, I’m talking about choosing the best machines. Believe it or not, you will find picking the right machines as tough as packing your items in the last moment. After all, it requires a big investment and most importantly – the fate of your business depends on it.

A quick Google search will certainly help you find different types of machines to boost your business production. However, you’re required to do your homework beforehand. If you don’t determine what your requirements are, chances are you would end up making a wrong decision, or think of doing this some other day.

Listed below are some machines that you find very common in the packaging industry:

  • Form fill and seal machines
  • Machines manufactured for both – liquid and powdered products
  • Machines designed for packing items/products in pouches

While all machines are meant for similar goals, their features make them different from the rest. Depending on what all features your machines possess, the packaging process can be simpler and easier. For example, it’s good if you choose a machine that is fully automated. By the term automated, I mean all your tasks will get done in the best way possible without any external support. Of course, such machines cost you more, however, what you get is the quality. Moreover, it’s a one time investment, so make it the best.

If you’ve made your mind to buy automated machines, then congrats! You’ve made a commendable decision. However, before choosing a company, pay attention to what you may get. For instance, there are companies out there that may offer a free installation service along with a regular maintenance service. What’s more? Make sure your machines come with a warranty period of minimum a year or two. This assures that your machines will be working fine serving your business at their best.