Three Common Mistakes that are Killing Packaging Sales

Investing in packaging machines is one of the major investments for manufacturers. What separates a successful packaging company from the one that struggles day in and day out to manage the different packaging jobs? Good quality packaging machines separate a good company from a bad one.


Below listed are some mistakes that manufacturers do and kill their own sales:
No Upkeep For Old Machinery

It is important for you to know the importance of maintenance of the machinery. The maintenance increases the life of the machinery, which is a good thing from a manufacturer’s point of view. However, it does not mean you are bound to use the old machinery because many times there is a need to replace the old machinery with the new one.

No Attention to Workplace Ergonomics

Taking care of workplace ergonomics is equally important and most of the manufacturers ignore this factor, which cuts down their profit margins. When you don’t evaluate workplace for ergonomics, indirectly it means you are not protecting your workers from potential injuries.

Don’t Take Benefit of New Technology

Some manufacturers are continuing with their old packaging machines for long even when they are aware of the new packaging machines that work faster and offer more productivity. Although buying new machines will cost you some money, but it will be beneficial in the long run.


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